Funny Pranks on Exotic Cars

Eat this Donut box for dinner


Say Happy New Year in April


Blame the pipeline blockage on the spider


Say no to this pho


Eat this Giant Donut after the gym


Replace someone’s vegetarian meal with a non-vegetarian meal.

Now you’re committing an act of DirtyDeeds.  Do not try this.  You will make them unhappy.

Sending 100 Burritos to your Hispanic Teacher

If you do this, you deserve to be featured on  Do not try this at home or anywhere.

Steal a car worth over $100,000

You are committing a crime and deserve to be here on, of course, we will never advocate you doing this criminal activity.

Get a homecoming queen’s bra, signed

Ok, dare you to get her to take her bra off and sign it and give it to you, you have to be a God.  Try this and successfully get the braw and you will be featured on  We, of course, do not advocate this.

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